We recycle paper and plastic every day…
What about textiles?

“Textiles contribute to 5% of the total landfill waste in Australia”

Originally created to close the gap in available recycling services, Allround has become a recycler who assists in making Australia more sustainable by ensuring your old belongings don’t end up as landfill.

Through diverting unwanted clothes from landfill we also aid third world countries by providing them with an affordable clothing solution that they otherwise might not have. The sale and distribution of the pre-loved clothing creates employment in these developing countries, as well as here in Australia.

A simple but extremely efficient service for recycling your unwanted textiles, we come to you at no cost, making it easy, convenient and rewarding.

The team at Allround Recycling is dedicated to helping Australians take positive steps towards achieving a sustainable future.

our sustainable approach

How it works

Allround provides complete textile recycling services. Recycling packs are delivered to household letter boxes where bags can then be filled with unwanted textile items and are later collected by our collection team on the dedicated day which is shown on the bag. Usually this will occur one week after they have been delivered to your letterbox.

A global solution

Collected items are exported to developing countries for recycling, where they are provided as a much-needed affordable good quality second-hand clothing solution. This provides a functional use for consumer goods that would otherwise end up as landfill waste.

Outstanding service

Allround Recycling has a proven track record. Our program reduces unnecessary landfill waste with no associated costs for the general public taking part in the program. You can rest assured that your unwanted textiles will be managed safely and efficiently.